About Kim

Kim Hawes, has come a long way from her early days of rolling posters,counting out pin badges and selling merchandise. She went on to become a Tour Accountant then Tour Manager and finally a Crisis Manager.

Thanks to Sandstone Press she is a Published author with her memoirs “Lipstick & Leather”.

In 2019 Kim was recognised for her achievements by the University of Central Lancashire, as an Honorary Fellow: 

                            “Pioneer for Women”

          In the Music Industry and Tour Management.

Her training came from spending the first ten years on the road with one of the most notorious rock bands ever, Motörhead.

Later she was head hunted to go to USA to become one of the very first female Tour Managers in the world.

She boasts of working with so many bands and many major labels  meeting so many influential super stars along the way and loved every moment.

With her specialty being in touring she now spends her time helping others who love music and life on the road, either on or off stage.

Need help, advice or just need someone who has been there to talk to ?

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